Saturday, January 29, 2011

Song Seung Hun's Sexy Six Pack Abs

Song Seung Hun's Sexy Six Pack Abs

'Original buff' Song Seung-heon's nude was revealed.

Song Seung-heon's entertainment office revealed his nude scene in the new Wednesday Thursday MBC drama "My Princess" through media on the 4th. In the drama, he plays the grandson of the president of Dae Han Group and the modern diplomatic prince. There is a scene of him taking a shower in this drama.

In the picture, Song Seung-heon shows the same buff body he's shown before. A clearly visible six pack, firm chest and the muscular arms were enough to shake a woman's heart.

Song Seung Hun's Sexy Six Pack Abs

According to his office, he doesn't slack in exercising to keep his body healthy. Also, lack of sleep due to the busy shooting schedules, he has been losing weight and the staff on location tell him his body isn't one of an actors but more like a gymnastics athlete's.

Meanwhile, Song Seung-heon is playing a role in a romantic comedy for the first time since his debut and he says, "I'm doing my best to approach the drama with the brightest and liveliest image never seen before".

'My Princess' which portrays the comical love story of Park Hye-young, the only heir to the enterprise and a normal college girl who turns into a princess overnight will hit the TV screens on January 5th. —

Song Seung Hun's Sexy Six Pack Abs

Song Seung Hun's Sexy Six Pack AbsSong Seung Hun's Sexy Six Pack Abs

Song Seung Hun turned into a tough guy revealing his six-pack abs on a train during the commercial shooting of  Zippo, an American clothing brand on the 18th of March, 2010. —

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