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Kim Hyun joong B-PASS Japanese Magazine March 2011 Issue

Kim Hyun joong B-PASS Japanese Magazine March 2011 Issue

Q1: What kind of album you have in mind? ( to be released in summer?)
A : Now in the process of selecting songs from the candidates. I have not yet decided the contents. I received roughly 300 candidate songs. I will select 5~6 songs till the end of December.

Q2: Any tips for Japanese fans who are anxiously awaiting your album ?
A : Well, the dance numbers are focused. I would like to write some lyrics by myself, though I still wonder I can compose a song or not. I will include a Japanese version as well. The album will have a variety, a China version, Taiwan version, to be addressed to the Asia. As I will upgrade performance as well as vocal, I would like to promote showcase activities. I will do my best so that I will be able to have a promotional showcase in Japan.

Q3 : You previously talked that you were composing songs by playing a guitar, or piano in your private studio at home. How about your recent music activities?
A : As I am too much occupied that I cannot have such a private time. In order to prepare for my solo album, I would like to have a dance lesson first. For that purpose, a famous dancer is coming from NY , who choreographed for Usher Raymond IV(R&B singer), Justine Timberlake, and Ne-Yo. I will take a private dance lesson from him.

Q4: Wow, we can expect a genuine dance performance !
A : Yes, please look forward to seeing it. Therefore, I would like to challenge to guitar, or composing songs after I upgrade my dance performance to the level I feel satisfied.

Q5: Recently, Kpop is getting more and more popular. How do you feel about it?
A: I am very happy that many Korean activists are active in Japan, getting high reputation now. Though the center of the popular artists are now boys group as well as girls groups, I would like to make my best efforts by myself so that I can prove that Korean solo artists are fantastic.

Q6: Wow, it increases our expection !What kind of music, do you aim?
A: The music I would like to aim is “ performance music “ . With fusion of music, dance, and a beautiful video art, I would like to show audiovisual performance which stimulates sense of vision and hearing.

Q7: What kind of film or audiovisual, do you like the best?
A: First of all, I like SF. Among recent films, I like “Transformer” and “Avatar” .
I am interested in that kind of vision.

Q8: Do you think of creating something, reflecting such SF-like audiovisual into your MV?
A: Yes, that is right ! My MV will be something new and very unique one, being inspired by those creations. I have something in my mind now. When you have my next album in your hand, you will understand, “ This is what Hyun Joong wanted to realize !”

Q9: From now on, you are going to expand your activities to Japan, China, Taiwan and so on, to the global world. What you would like to achieve in Asia?
A: I would like to have a big charity event with all the fans from Asia at one spot.

Kim Hyun joong B-PASS Japanese Magazine March 2011 Issue

Kim Hyun joong B-PASS Japanese Magazine March 2011 Issue


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