Monday, January 24, 2011

KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site: Staff Blog No.8 [2011.01.24]

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Entering the end of January....
2011/01/24 DA staff T

Hello~ This is Digital Adventure Staff T!
As usual it the weather has been cold, how is everyone doing?
Recently at Digital Adventure office, people who are wearing mask for prevention of influenza are noticeable. (I’m taking it easy so no mask for me ^^; laughs)
Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold.

By the way!!
「Kim Hyun Joong’s blog」has been updated last week, have everyone seen it already?
There is a handwritten message from Hyun Joong right♪
I feel that even the illustration of God of Universe gives the Hyun Joong feeling (laughs)
All of the staff smiled when they see the illustration~ Surely everyone felt the same right? (^ω^)

Recently Hyun Joong has been preparing the new album, meeting friends which he wasn’t able to meet up as he was busy till now, having a good sleep, slowly spending his time.
Same as everyone, I am also looking forward to what the new album will be~(^∀^)

Well, on a change of topic, it has been decided that for the next month’s present will be an autographed photo of Hyun Joong!!
Autographed photo of chic style and wonderful Hyun Joong, waiting for all of your applications♪

In addition, due to good response,「Kim Hyun Joong Fortune Telling」which was opened during 1st ~3rd January will be opened again from February!!
It will not be just the daily fortune telling but also a wonderful Hyun Joong wallpaper for download☆
Hope that you will enjoy it~(*´∀`*)

Till then, see you again at the next staff blog~(^∀^)ノシ

Source: KHJ Official Mobile Site

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