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Kim Hyun Joong HangTen Photoshoot

Photos of Kim Hyun Joong modeling for 2011 HANG TEN Spring Collection.

Kim Hyun Joong HangTen Photoshoot

Kim Hyun Joong HangTen Photoshoot

Source: TVDaily
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Kim Hyun Joong chosen as Casual Clothing Brand Model ‘Lovely Couple Look Proposal’

Casual Brand Hang Ten Korea had chosen Rising Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong as Year 2011 Model.

HangTen in-charge revealed “Given Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity amongst the general public, with him as the model will very well capture the attention of every men and women (young and old). In addition, his warm, passionate and trendy charm will help in bringing out a wide variety of fashion simultaneously. Considering the fact that his image fits the brand comfortably, he was hence selected as the model.”

Hangten also revealed that they will be working on a photoshoot for the S/S poster for the next 1 year presenting Kim Hyun Joong in casual, comfortable and luxurious look. Kim Hyun Joong will also be coupled with female model to showcase lovely couple look through pictorials.

Besides, Hangten conducts environmental campaign annually, with this year’s slogan ‘SAVE THE EARTH’, they will be deploying a variety of activites together with Kim Hyun Joong as a part of a good environmental consumer.

Meanwhile, after the completion of MBC TV ‘Playful Kiss’, Kim Hyun Joong spends some time recharging himself before beginning new commercial filming schedules and preparation for releasing his Solo album.

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Kim Hyun Joong takes over WonBin as Hang Ten’s spokesperson

Singer actor Kim HyunJoong has been selected as the new face for a casual clothing brand.

Kim HyunJoong was chosen as the new model for casual leading brand HangTen Korea which WonBin had been actively modeling for until last year.

HangTen Korea’s Director Mr Jung YongHa said about their reason for their choice, “Our brand image and Kim HyunJoong’s popularity with general public compliments each other so we chose him as our model.” He added “Carrying a warm sensibility and trendy charm at the same time, we think that he will help in showing a diverse fashion style.”

He added “We are also looking forward that with a World Hallyu star, it will be beneficial for us by increasing the level of awareness of our brand.”

Henceforth, HangTen will start shooting the Spring/Summer pictorial, and for the 1 years time, they will show a comfortable and classy casual look with Kim HyunJoong. Shooting with a female model, they will also have lovely couple look concept for couple.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong had some time for recharging after he finished drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ last year and he will be returning as a singer with a solo album this spring.

Source: + Hang Ten Korea
English translation:

Kim Hyun Joong Endorses Hang Ten

Leading casual brand Hang Ten Korea chooses emerging Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong as its endorser for the year 2011.

The news stated that Hyun Joong’s warm, fashionable and trendy style as well as his emerging status as the new Hallyu Star capable to increase brand awareness suited him as the Hang Ten Model for 2011.

Hang Ten, Kim Hyun Joong and a female endorser are expected to collaborate for the new CF / Photoshoot concept “SAVE THE EARTH” and other related environmental plans/activities for the brand this year.

Meanwhile, a after filming the Naughty Kiss drama last year and having the time to recharge, Hyun Joong is expected to come back with a solo album this year and various CF filming schedules.

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볼륨 캐주얼 리딩브랜드 행텐코리아(대표 쉬브쿠마 라마나탄)가 한류스타로 떠오르는 김현중을 2011년 모델로 선정했다.

행텐코리아의 정용하 상무는 ”남녀노소 누구에게나 잘 어울리고 편하게 연출할 수 있는 행텐의 브랜드 이미지와 김현중의 대중적인 인기가 부합해 모델로 선정했다.”며 “김현중은 따뜻한 감성과 트렌디한 매력을 동시에 지니고 있어 다양한 패션 연출에 도움이 될 것으로 판단했다. 세계를 아우르는 한류스타로 브랜드 인지도 상승에도 기여할 것으로 기대된다.”고 전했다.

행텐은 S/S 화보 촬영을 시작으로 향후 1년간 김현중과 함께 편안하고 고급스러운 캐주얼룩을 선보인다. 여자 모델과의 커플 화보를 통해 연인을 위한 사랑스러운 커플룩도 함께 제안할 예정이다. 더불어 행텐이 매년 진행하는 환경캠페인의 2011년 슬로건을 ‘SAVE THE EARTH’ 로 정하고 김현중과 함께 환경과 착한 소비를 위한 다양한 활동을 전개할 계획이다.

한편 김현중은 지난해 <장난스런 키스> 이후 재충전의 시간을 보내고 있으며, 광고 촬영 등의 일정을 소화하며 솔로 앨범 준비와 함께 차기작을 검토 중이다.


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English translation:

[News][2011.01.12] Kim HyunJoong, becomes Hangten 2011 spokesperson

On the 12th, Hangten korea( Hallyu top star Kim HyunJoong as their spokesperson for 2011.

Hangten Korea Jeong YongHa vice president mentioned: “Because Hangten is brand name suitable for Male Female Youth or elder, a brand name which can make people feel comfortable, Kim HyunJoong’s popular among the general public fit us, therefore we have selected him” also said: “Kim HyunJoong possess both warm and emotional side and also have the trendy charm side, able to fit in to a wide variety of fashion. It is believed that he will become a world Hallyu star, expected to bring up the brands popularity.”

During the 1 year cooperation of Hangten Spring/Summer poster and Kim HyunJoong, they have prepared to showcase comfortable and also high class leisure cloths wear. We will also schedule to photoshoot together with female model, specially prepared for lovers, couple outfit that will be well loved. Hangten will also hold environmental campaign every year, 2011′s slogan is “Save The Earth”, and will start a series of activities on environmental and green product.

Last year after Kim HyunJoong completed ‘Naughty Kiss’ filming, he has been recharging, doing CF filming and also preparing his solo album and selecting his next project.

English translation:

[News][2011.01.12] Kim HyunJoong endorse Hangten, Showing high quality leisure charm

Leisure brand Hangten invited top star Kim HyunJoong as it brand spokesperson.

The manufacturer has revealed: “Kim HyunJoong popularity among the general public is suitable for male female old and young, and comfortably fit with the brand’s image, as for his warm and trendy charm could bring out our brand’s various fashionable style.” Hangten has also taken photoshoot which include the S/S poster for showcasing Kim HyunJoong in high quality leisure outfit, photoshoot together with female model will showcase sweet and romantic love atmosphere. In addition, Hangten’s yearly environmental campaign new slogon has been fit as “Save the Earth”, they will conduct a series of activities together with Kim HyunJoong. Kim HyunJoong after completed MBC TV’s ‘Naughty Kiss’ is now under the recharging period, while accepting the CF offer, he is also preparing for his new solo album.

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