Monday, December 6, 2010

KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site: Staff Blog No.1 [2010.12.06]

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Everyone, nice to meet you!!
2010/12/06 Keyeast SY

Nice to meet you! I’m SY, a staff from Keyeast.

I’m glad to be able to greet everyone through this staff blog~ (^∀^)/

This staff blog will act like a bridge connecting between fans and staff and also… Hyun Joong. Will be quietly ~~ introducing not the star 「Kim Hyun Joong」 but as God of Universe, Hyun Joong of him at the backstage, daily life.

First of all the first talk about him!!

Arent’you curious about how Hyun Joong was able to sing perfectly in Chinese at the 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games Opening Ceremony recently?

KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site: Staff Blog No.1

Whenever being entrusted anything, Hyun Joong will always do his best!!

Right till before he went onstage, he has been practicing continuously like this repeatedly singing the song at the backstage.

You look so good looking when you are putting in an effort~~~@@

(What? I’m sorry being this kind of person(__);; But the image of him putting in an effort is really good looking;;)

From now onwards, I will think as if I am a fan, I would be interested about! of Hyun Joong that you would like to see and hear, so please look forward to it~(^∀^)/

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese Translation: miyo

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