Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong on Secret (KBS Show 2011)

Tape 1:
In SECRET, various stars are accused of a total of 49 secrets by acquaintances.

EunJIWon wanted to act and has acted in the past. They show sample of his poor acting from 17. Now they want EJW to act out KHJ’s role from BOF. He failed. So Narusha and KHJ act out that scene together. He also shows a bit of BD dance along with Kim Jong Min who debut as back up dancer. (KHJ once said in a radio show that he and KJM share codi people or same salon.)

@13:13 KHJ is accused of taking of his clothes anywhere. KHJ denies that. They say something happened in Bali. KHJ’s trainer Sander comes out. Sander says that KHJ’s secret is that he likes to expose himself. They were swimming together in Bali and he noticed that KHJ was squirming/fidgeting in the water. Then, Sander sees KHJ’s rear end instead of his swim trunk above the water. Sander wonders if KHJ still does things like that. He says it was really embarrassing. KHJ explains that there was no one around at Bali. In Korea, he cannot do lot of things that he wants to do. He enjoys doing sudden and unforeseen things. Also, in Bali, he wanted to make a good memory and that is why he did it.

Then, Natusha comes out. She is accused of going out to meet many men even though she has a busy schedule. She says that ShinBonsun also came with her as a joke. These days Narusha is very interested in Hallyu stars and she wants to become very close to KHJ. Eun JiWon chimes in to say that KHJ does not want that. But, KHJ smiles and denies having said that as he shakes his hand. (We get clear message who is the main guest in this show. keke)

Tape 2:
Narusha is suppose to do a sexy dance and Lee SooGeun says she has to dance to a guitar music. KHJ says that it was sexy. But Kim Hee Chul says that KHJ said that Lee Soo Geun was the one that is sexy. So KHJ is to come out and dance to the guitar music. KHJ does BD dance and most people cannot bear to watch it. KHC says that they will increase number of male fans.

Lee SooGeun is asked about his height which he says is 165.4cm. He is accused of lying about his height. So they are comparing KHJ height to him.

Nana is 21 and she debut as model. Nana says she has no aegyo in real life. So she acts in front of KJM. They act out that KJM is angry at her for being so late but KJM is beaten immediately by her aegyo. They try again but KJM again fails very quickly. KHJ says that he is very lonely these days. MC Lee heejae asks Nana what she thinks about KJM (oppa is cute) and whether he is the cutest in the guest that are present (I’m sorry). Nana of Afterschool—(KHJ once said that he thought Afterschool is very attractive idol girls group in one of those radio shows. keke) is accused by her hairstylist that she has a very unique way of showing aegyo which MC Shin Bong Sun tries. All the men come out to see Nana do her aegyo. Shin says something about all men being taken by pretty face.

KJM is next. He is giving sample of his new song. He is accused of not being able to be in tune when he sings.

Tape 3:
Shinji accuses him of that problem. (They are part of a group called Coyote.) Even with this new album, Shinji says that the songwriter had to bang his head on the desk several times as KJM could not keep with the tune. KJM had to record on his own for 3 hours just to get the tune right. In the past, he has sent the songwriter/producer to hospital for stress. KJM and LeeSooGuen says that whenever there is music accompaniment KJM has hard time keeping up with the tune…

Next game is KHJ vs Nana: Each person has to do a dance sports with an instructor while answering as many questions as possible. If they get them correct, they have the chance to not have their secrets revealed. KHJ chooses 2nd sports dance teacher. Questions are thrown at him while he has to follow his instructor. Some of the questions that he got have to do with his name during BOF and he nearly forgot the last name of his character. He finally got his agency’s president name correct. He also got Brunch correct. He did not get aegyo and bellydance. (It is hard to do the dance and pay attention to the questions.) So KHJ got 3 correctly. Nana won with 5 questions so KHJ’s secret will be revealed.

It seems that Huh Youngseng will accuse KHJ in the next episode. (KHJ is always the main person in any show and I am sure they made sure that KHJ lost in that quiz game—-Nana did not have an instructor who was as energetic as KHJ’s was. MCShin Bong Sun also was kinder to KHJ than to other guests when she was greeting him in the beginning. Keke I wonder what is KHJ’s next secet!!!)

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