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Kim Hyun Joong M! Countdown Backtage Interview [English Subs]

Hello to everyone at Mcountdown Backstage,
I’m Kim Hyun Joong

With the looks of a sculpture
Kim Hyun Joong is back!

The next generation star that Asia is taking notice of!

From SS501,
Magnificently making his solo debut !

Taking away his sweet charm that he had till now,
Changing from a boy to man!

By the top staff and Kim Hyun Joong himself
1st Solo Album「Break Down」

What are your thoughts after finishing your 1st solo album showcase?
It has been a while and on my first stage of my solo activity, a lot of fans have attended and enjoyed it like a concert.

What is the concept of 「Break Down」?
During my activities in SS501 and actor, I have a strong “flower boy” image, so I have cut short my hair and [Choosing the manly image!] build up my body with muscles as I wanted to show the manly image of me. I think now the most important period, [Not a boy but transforming to a man!] is the process of changing from a boy to a man. Through the comeback, I will work hard to show the manly side of me, so please give me your support.

What is the main point of this album and the parts that you have participated in?
As it’s the 1st solo, there is a large amount of pressure. From the selection of songs for the album to the dance, I have participated in all of it. [By Kim Hyun Joong, Mini Album 「Break Down」] The album jacket photos and meeting, all I have participated in. An album produced with my passion and hard work.

What is the reason for selecting 「Break Down」as your title song?
I was troubled over selecting 「Please」or 「Break Down」for the title song.
[Sweet melody (Please) VS Strong beat (Break Down)]
I had thought of selecting 「Please」as the title song but compared to 「Break Down」MV which give a manly feeling and 3 gear dance might become a topic, [Representative dance of「Break Down」,「3 Gear Dance」] it was decided to select 「Break Down」as the title song.

Your most favorite song is?
The song 「Kiss Kiss」is nearer to my previous image. Fans have said that the dance is cute, [100% Reflecting the opinions of fans, 「Kiss Kiss」has been decided as the follow-up song!] catchy song, 「Kiss Kiss」has been scheduled to be the follow-up song. Please give lots of your support.

[Sent through Mnet Japan twitter, support messages and questions!]
Questions from everyone sent through twitter, in regards to my performance.
Let’s have a look at it now. *head turning to board*

Looking so good in the showcase! Always be giving my support. By the way, how much weight have you gained? The feeling now looks good ^^. *Referring to his built*
I think there are many who are not used seeing me with short hair, [to Japanese fans, not used seeing short hair] in 「Boys Over Flowers」and 「Playful Kiss」, as I have a strong long hair image, there are some who thinks short is weird but I hope that will get used to it in 「Break Down」. For my weight… after building muscles, I gained 4kg. [muscle increased 4kg↑] But I’m busy with my activities, there are times that I’m unable to eat adequately, [increase in activities 4kg↓, in the end back to the same weight] getting back to the original weight.

To Leader, congratulation on the start of your activities. On the 6th, your birthday, how did you spend your time?
As I have the showcase on 7th June, although it was my birthday on the day before, I had rehearsal till late for it. [Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday (6th June) is only a day difference from the showcase (7th June)] It was near to 1am when I reached home but since it was my birthday, I contacted my director from my management company and the 2 of us had a party. [Quietly have a birthday party with director from the management company]

What is the most memorable birthday present you have received?
When I woke up, those bike games which you see in game center was delivered to my house. As I didn’t have any place for it, I have put it at the dance practising room. A present which left quite an impact.

Hyun Joong Oppa, congratulations to your comeback and Happy Birthday. I have watched the comeback stage and you look really good. I will continue to give my support. Kim Hyun Joong Fighting
What is your favorite dance moves in this solo album? Please tell us about it ☆
In this solo album, all songs have their point. In 「Please」, there is the mic dance. 「Break Down」have the 3 gear dance. In 「Kiss Kiss」, there’s this dance movement *HJ doing the kiss kiss dance hands movement* if possible to see it on stage, I think that it be a dance movement that is easy to imitate for everyone.

Congratulations and happy for your solo activities. Till what age would you call someone “noona”? From what age would you call “ahjumma”? Please do not mind about it and answer.
I don’t have any criteria for noona and ahjumma. If I see her looking like a noona, will call her noona, I don’t call ahjumma. I only use it like when I go shopping at the market. To me, I don’t have any criteria for it.

Where is Hyun Joong Oppa’s favorite place?
I don’t like to spend a long time at home. I don’t have any special place that I like. As I don’t have any favorite place, I go to various places.

Thank you for all the questions.

From Japan through the internet, if you have any questions, please send over.

I’m happy that we can communicate through BACKSTAGE.

If there is the chance again, I will always reply.

What are your plans for this year activities?
I think that I will be unable to have any activities as an actor.
There will be the activities for album, Asia tour and [2nd Solo Album plans to be release this year!] there are plans to release album around end of September or the beginning of October. In 2011, I want to concentrate as being a singer.

What are activity plans for Japan?
As I planned to go to Japan a from end July to early August, I hope to spend a wonderful time with all Japanese fans.

Please give your support to 「Break Down」.

I hope to show everyone a further grown up image of myself in future.

Thank you. *bows* [Kim Hyun Joong Annyeong]

==cut of mcountdown when he had won==

*after mcountdown performance*
To everyone from MCD BACKSTAGE, I think everyone will be asking through twitter about my thoughts getting No.1, if there’s a chance next week… [Hyun Joong’s thoughts of getting No.1 next week~] As I’m having lots of mixed feelings now, I will need to organize my thoughts before answering.

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