Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Epop Malaysian Magazine April 2011 Issue

Kim Hyun Joong Epop Malaysian Magazine April 2011 Issue

EP: Have you like anyone before when you were younger?
KHJ: When I was younger, I liked to joke with girls. In fact, I will bully her. For example, I like to use a pencil to draw a line in the middle of the table. After that I will tell her ‘What?” Anything which is over this line is mine!!

EP: What is your ideal girl?
KHJ: I am the type who falls in love at first sight. Character is the first thing that I will take notice of a girl. I like girls who are active, natural and is like a chingu (friend) to me. If the girl is beautiful but her speech is filled with respect (phoenix’s note: I think the magazine misprinted. I think it actually meant foul words/disrespectful) then my good impression of her will vanish.

EP: How do you express / confess your love to the girl that you like?
KHJ: In the beginning I will keep it (the love) to myself. After I have gotten to know her, I will express / confess my love to her. If the girl refuses to accept my love confession, I will definitely lose faith (give up).

EP: How do you think you would treat your wife?
KHJ: No matter what, I will live harmoniously with my wife. To me, marriage is very pure/holy/sacred. When a husband and wife live together, they are bound to face with many challenges. Therefore, I will love my wife day-by-day and live happily with her.

EP: Are you good with cooking?
KHJ: I know how to cook but I am not expert. Most of the time I eat out rather than to cook at home. I will only cook when I am alone at home.

EP: What type of dishes is your expertise?
KHJ: Gyudon (beef bowl), Tonkatsu (pork cutlets) and Katsudon (tonkatsu rice bowl). I learned all these dishes from the cooking programs shown on TV. When I watch cooking programs, I will write down the recipes.

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