Monday, February 7, 2011

kim Hyun Joong Solo Album Debuts in May

kim Hyun Joong Solo Album Debut in May

News reports of Kim Hyun Joong finalizing his debut solo album have recently surfaced, but Kim Hyun Joong has denied the reports, saying that the project is far from complete.

His agency spoke through Newsen on February 7th and stated, “Kim Hyun Joong’s album is scheduled for release this May. It’s a bit too early to say that he’s ready for his comeback, however. We’re still discussing his concept and collecting songs. He also hasn’t recorded any of the songs yet.”

Since it’s his solo debut, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he wanted to put in his best effort before rushing to release. His CEO added, “He won’t be acting or participating in other activities until the release of his album. He has a lot of greed with his music, and will be focusing entirely on that.”

Excluding Kim Kyu Jong, all of the members of SS501 are currently preparing for their solo debuts.

Source: Newsen

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